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Laura Johnson

The Machu Picchu Trek is organised by the Charity Challenge, who facilitate treks and expeditions for people like me who are looking to really make a difference to a c

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Rob Graham

  • 20,000 kilometres.
  • 20 countries.
  • 10 months.
  • 1 cyclist.


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Ride America

This charity cycle we have organised is around 2600 miles. That is the equivalent of riding around Richmond Park 371 times or doing the London-Brighton 45 times. We ho

Bonita Norris

I have loved climbing and expeditions from a young age and I've been lucky enough to be able to persue my passions and bacome a profesional climber.

As well as

Global Vision

How this program makes a difference:

The volunteering carried out by GVI Costa Rica has provided a huge amount of critical data to the Costa Rican government to he

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